What The Science Says About Chiropractic Care

City Chiropractic Clinic in Stoke-on-TrentOne of the most common misconceptions held by clients visiting our chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent is that chiropractic care is not backed up by science. In fact, there are hundreds of studies which highlight the advantages of chiropractic.

To help you understand some of the benefits of chiropractic care, this post will share the findings of several studies. You may be surprised as you learn some of the many ways that chiropractic can improve human health.

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Chiropractic care beneficial for degenerated disc disease

It’s perfectly normal for the intervertebral discs in your spine to lose some of their flexibility and cushioning ability as you age. This is one of the leading causes of back pain in older people and a common complaint amongst older people visiting our chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent.

A study published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation suggests that chiropractic care can relieve this type of back pain. The study involved 40 male participants, with half receiving chiropractic care and half receiving a placebo. The subjects who received chiropractic care had less pain, better spinal mobility, better hip flexion and an increase in height.


Chiropractic care most effective at reducing neck pain

A study funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine tested the effectiveness of several approaches for treating mechanical neck pain. The researchers began by placing 272 participants into three groups which received spinal manipulative therapy from a chiropractor, pain medication or exercise recommendations.

After 3 months, 57 percent of those who met with chiropractors and 48 percent who exercised enjoyed at least a 75 percent reduction in pain. This is compared to only 33 percent of the people in the medication group. After 12 months, almost 53 percent of the drug-free groups still enjoyed a reduction in pain compared to just 38% pain reduction among those who took medication.


Chiropractic care is cost effective

A study published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics found that chiropractic is extremely cost-effective. Patients with chronic low back pain and other problems who received spinal manipulation from a chiropractor had much lower costs of care and fewer incidences of back pain than patients who received other treatments.


Chiropractic care improves mobility in seniors

A study published in 2012 suggests that seniors can benefit significantly from chiropractic care. The researchers found that spinal manipulation not only helped seniors avoid back pain, it helped them retain greater mobility as they aged and made it easier to remain active. They also discovered that the dietary advice provided by chiropractors was very useful for improving the health of seniors.


Chiropractic beneficial for back pain-related leg pain

Several of the clients visiting our chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent experience leg pain relating to their back pain.

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicines found that chiropractic care can reduce this kind of pain. The study found that chiropractic:

  • had a “clinically important” advantage over home exercises
  • reduced back pain more, improved mobility more, and had the greatest patient satisfaction
  • led to long-term improvements.


Chiropractic helps athletes recover from injury

It’s common for athletes to turn to a chiropractor when they injure themselves. Our chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent often helps clients who play everything from tennis and football to lawn bowls.

The benefits of chiropractic for helping people recover from a sports injury is well established. One study found that athletes with ankle injuries recovered faster and experienced superior athletic performance if they received chiropractic care.


Chiropractic care reduces stress hormone levels

Stress is a natural biological response that occurs when you encounter a very challenging situation. When you are stressed, the body releases several hormones including cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones trigger the “fight-or-flight” response, where the body is prepared to run away or fight.

Chronic stress occurs if you remain in a stressed state for a long period. This is a very dangerous form of stress because it increases the risk of several other illnesses including depression, anxiety, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It can also dramatically reduce your quality of life.

A study published in the Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy found that chiropractic care could reduce the levels of cortisol, which in turn, reduces feelings of stress. This could be one of the reasons why clients visiting our chiropractor clinic in Stoke on Trent feel so relaxed after their session.


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