Our Stoke Chiropractor Highlights 10 Ways That Bad Posture Can Damage Your Health

Posture advice from our stoke chiroPatients often visit our chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent with the goal of improving their posture. They are usually concerned about how rounded shoulders or a stooped neck may be affecting their appearance. However, in some cases they are also suffering from pain as a result of their posture.

What many of these patients don’t realise is that their poor posture may also be affecting their health. As we explain the impact of posture on the body, they are usually quite shocked and are immediately interested in aggressively rectifying their postural issues.

To help you understand the importance of posture, this post will share the most common ways that poor posture can impact your health.

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What Is Poor Posture?

Posture is the way that you hold your body when sitting or standing. Having “good” posture means that:

  • The body’s bones and joints are correctly aligned, allowing muscles to be used efficiently
  • The ligaments in the spine are not stressed
  • The spine retains its three natural curves
  • You don’t suffer from back or muscular pain
  • You look like you are standing or sitting in a natural position

Poor posture, on the other hand, means sitting or standing in an unnatural way, with the body’s joints in an awkward position that causes stress. Over time, this leads to some muscles tightening up or shortening, while others lengthen and become weak. This causes your body to be pulled into unnatural positions, with rounded shoulders, a stooped neck, anterior pelvic tilt, pot belly, hunchback and other issues.


How Does Poor Posture Damage Your Health?

#1 – Heartburn And Poor Digestion

Having a slouched posture places pressure on the abdomen. This is particularly noticeable after a big meal, when you have a full stomach. Some people with bad posture find that it can actually impair the performance of their digestive system, causing heartburn and poor digestion.


#2 – Exacerbates The Effects Of Arthritis

Poor posture often causes the spine and knees to become misaligned. This is particularly damaging for people suffering from arthritis. It can cause their symptoms to flare up, leading to more pain and a greater loss of mobility.


#3 – Constipation

This is another issue relating to impact of poor posture on the digestive system. If you spend many hours sitting down with your knees lower than your hips, it can weaken the abdominal muscles. This makes it harder to carry out healthy bowel movements.


#4 – Poor Circulation

People who spend many hours a day sitting down with poor posture often have issues with their circulation. This can lead to complications like varicose veins and may increase the risk of serious illnesses like heart disease.


#5 – Incontinence

Slouching can increase the pressure on the organs within the abdomen, including the bladder. Being in this position can also weaken the ability of pelvic floor muscles to manage additional abdominal pressure. The combination of these factors can cause “stress incontinence” — where urine leaks whenever you are startled, laughing, or coughing.


#6 – Fatigue

Poor posture puts a lot of strain of body as you are sitting or standing in an unnatural way.  It places additional weight on muscles and joints, as it reduces weight on others. Over the course of a day, this can fatigue the body and cause your energy levels to plummet. That’s why so many of the patients visiting a chiropractor in Stoke on Trent for posture correction mention they often feel tired.


#7 – Trouble Breathing

The diaphragm requires plenty of space in the thoracic cavity to fully inflate and deflate the lungs. If your posture causes you to hunch over, it may not have enough space available, which reduces your ability to breathe. This is particularly concerning for patients with lung problems like cystic fibrosis, asthma, or emphysema.


#8 – Reduced Productivity

Researchers have discovered that posture can even affect your mood and productivity levels. A study from 2017 found that “adopting an upright posture may increase positive affect, reduce fatigue, and decrease self-focus in people with mild-to-moderate depression.” Poor posture may be significantly impacting how productive you are each day.


#9 – Jaw Pain

A few of the clients visiting our chiropractor in Stoke on Trent mention they suffer from jaw pain. They are surprised to discover that this kind of pain can be related to postural issues. A misalignment of the spine caused by poor posture can trigger temporomandibular joint syndrome, which causes an improper bite pattern. This condition causes people to chew their food in unusual ways, leading to jaw pain.


#10 – Headaches

Poor posture can cause some of the muscles in the neck and shoulders to become very tight. This can lead to tension headaches.


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