It’s Walk To School Month

It’s Walk to School Month and the focus of this year’s campaign is how to make the walk to school safer and easier.

Currently just 53 per cent of children in England walk to school (National Travel Survey), 42 per cent in Wales (Walking and cycling in Wales: Active travel, 2016-17) and Scotland (Hands Up Scotland Survey, Scotland: 2016 (Sustrans). This is down significantly from a generation ago, when 70 per cent of children used to walk to school.

As chiropractors we are increasingly concerned by the numbers of younger children and teenagers that are suffering back and neck pain. A major contributory factor to this increase is the sedentary lifestyles that children are leading. Anything that can increase the level of daily activity of children is important and walking to school is a great way to increase this level.

Of course it is important that children are safe when walking to school. An increase in traffic during the school runs and pollution caused by the increase in traffic are both issues that the Living Streets organisation are actively trying to address.

Why not make October your walk to school month and leave the car at home and walk to school.


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