Warm Up Your Spine this Winter With Advice From Our Stoke Chiropractor

winter spinal health advice from our stoke chiropractorWinter in the United Kingdom is notoriously cold, dreary and wet. It can get very difficult to get out of bed in the morning, particularly if you often suffer from a sore back.

Several of the patients who visit our chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent have recently mentioned that they have more problems with their spine during the colder months. They describe stiffness, a loss of mobility, and back pain as symptoms.

Fortunately, there are a few techniques you can use to warm up your spine during winter and avoid these kinds of nasty problems. In this post, our Stoke chiropractor explains why the spine often runs into problems during winter and what you can do about it.


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Why Does Spine Health Decline During Winter?

There are several reasons why most people experience poor spinal health during winter, including:

Most people are less physically active during winter

Because the weather is cold and the days are short, most people will spend a lot of time sitting on the couch during winter. Excessive sitting can result in the spine becoming more compressed, which can cause pain and inflammation.

It’s also common for people to exercise less during the winter period, which leads to weakened abdominal muscles – placing even more strain on the back. Finally, excessive sitting also makes postural problems more likely, which can impact the health of the spine.


Cold weather increases the risk of back injuries

When the weather is cold, your muscles and joints will be stiffer. This increases the risk of an injury involving the vertebrae or spinal discs. If you notice that your back hurts more often after lifting things in cold weather, you may be unwittingly straining your spine because you aren’t warmed up.


Poor mental health

When there is less sunlight during the day and the weather is cold, your risk of mental illness is increased. Researchers have even created a term to describe the negative mental health impact of Winter, called Season Affective Disorder (SAD).

SAD can affect many aspects of your life including your appetite, energy levels, and relationships. It can even lead to depression, which causes even more symptoms, which can include back pain.


Not drinking a sufficient amount of water

Spinal discs are fluid-fulled sacs that are responsible for providing shock absorption and cushioning for the spine’s vertebrae. They contain about 80% water.

Unfortunately, most people tend to drink less water during winter, which causes dehydration. This can affect the robustness of spinal discs, leading to back pain and spinal problems.


Improving The Health Of Your Spine During Winter

Incorporate stretching into your day

Stretching is a wonderful way to maintain spinal health in winter, relieve stiffness, and reduce back pain. Perform some stretches first thing in the morning then have short stretching sessions throughout the day.

Remember to stretch before you undertake any strenuous physical activity. Here are a few stretches to help you get started. Clients visiting our chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent say that stretching regularly has a positive impact on their stiffness and pain levels in winter.


Avoid sitting for prolonged periods

Although sitting on the couch with a blanket is quite comfortable during the colder months, it can compress your spine and lead to back pain. Get into the habit of moving about more often in your home.

Get up to have a cup of tea more often, stand as you watch TV or talk to people, stand as you fold clothes, get out into the garden, and clean the home more often. If you often sit at work, see if you can organise a standing desk. Ask for more tips on sitting avoidance when you visit our  Stoke chiropractor.


Stay warm outdoors

Reduce the risk of back injuries by wearing clothing that is warm, comfortable, and durable. By staying warm, the components of your spine will be more flexible and less likely to sustain an injury.


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