Wave Goodbye to Winter Worries.

Winter will soon be on its way out and we can finally wave goodbye to those seasonal health worries that are prevalent during the winter months. But as the ice melts and those grey skies once again turn blue, how exactly is our health likely to benefit?

Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor highlights three common health complaints that seem to back off during the sunnier seasons.

1: The Common Cold

Okay, so a sniffly nose and a scratchy throat can strike at any time during the year, but you are much more likely to be found blowing into a hanky during the winter months than the summer.

2: Influenza

Commonly known as “the flu”, influenza is most likely to strike during the colder season. The best way to avoid the flu for yourself and your family is to keep healthy all year round – even in the summer when the illness is not so common.

3: Painful joints

Many people with arthritis or joint pain notice that their pain becomes worse during the winter.  There is no evidence that cold weather causes joint damage but pain and stiffness and cold weather come hand in hand for many people with existing joint problems.

Here’s to looking forward to the sunnier seasons!

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