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pain advice from our xtoke on trent chiropractor Whether major or minor, chronic or acute, all of us will experience pain at some point during our lives. But how much do we really know about this unpleasant sensation? Here our Stoke on Trent chiropractor reveals three surprising facts on why and how our bodies encounter pain.

Pain Protects the Body

Pain occurs to motivate you to do something to protect your body. Feeling pain is simply your brain’s way of telling you (rightly or wrongly) that your body is under threat and that something needs to be done about it. Your nervous system takes pain creation very seriously; therefore it will err on the side of caution and produce painful feelings when it thinks something is wrong.

Pain Does Not Equal Injury Significance

Feeling pain doesn’t necessarily mean you have suffered a significant injury and a significant injury doesn’t necessarily produce pain. There have been instances where people have suffered major injuries (such as a shark bite or being in a road traffic collision) and haven’t felt any pain whatsoever until after the emergency. Remember that pain is a survival mechanism, so in cases where pain would make surviving even harder, the body often reacts by producing no pain at all.

Although most of us have never had our limbs bitten off by sharks, the majority of us have experienced falls and bumps that didn’t cause any pain at the time they happened. Our chiropractor believes that many people with pain-free backs could still have significant tissue damage that would be visible on a MRI scan.

Pain Produces Pain

The longer pain lasts, the easier it becomes to feel the pain. This is because the more times the brain uses a certain neural pathway, the easier it becomes to activate that pathway again. It’s like creating a track in a forest; the more times you drive along the same path, the easier it is to drive within the grooves.

The more times we feel a certain kind of pain, the less stimulus is required to trigger the sensation.

Understanding why your body is producing painful sensations is often the first step in providing a solution.


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