Why Posture is So Important

Many of us don’t pay enough attention to our postures. And even when we do, we tend to think of how straight we sit! But actually, the term posture is used to describe how your body is positioned when you’re sitting, standing and lying down.

According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, proper posture is important for a number of reasons, mainly because it places your body in proper alignment which reduces the stress on supporting ligaments, tendons and muscles. As a result, these muscles are allowed to work efficiently and as intended, which then decreases wear and tear that your joints undergo. Stress placed on the ligaments holding the joints in your spine together is also decreased with good posture.

So when you’re granny told you to sit up straight, she was absolutely right!  Be mindful of your posture – it could just save you from years of back pain!

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