Will Your Poor Posture Cause You Future Pain? Our Stoke on Trent Chiropractor says “Maybe!”

poor postureBack pain is one of the most common reasons why people seek chiropractic treatment. And according to our leading Stoke on Trent chiropractor, a lot of the frustrating aches and pains that our patients experience could be prevented by just adopting a better posture. The problem is… most people are not aware of the daily strains that poor posture is putting on their backs and necks.

Our experienced chiropractors in Stoke on Trent warn that the hectic modern lifestyles we lead can often mean that early signs of back problems can go unnoticed. Let’s face it, not many people have time to think about the stress their backs are under when they’re carrying umpteen shopping bags, stuck in a grid-lock traffic jam or working at break-neck speed to get that report sent off in time. Modern life often demands more than what are bodies are designed to do, and that means many people are living with a ticking time bomb when it comes to their spinal health.

Thankfully, there are effective changes that we can incorporate into our existing lifestyles to lessen the chance of back and neck pain interfering with our lives. Our renowned Stoke on Trent chiropractor suggests following these three proven tips:

1: Move!

Quite often people complain that certain situations such as work or family commitments prevent them from doing as much exercise as they should… but even simple exercises such as stretching and shoulder shrugging can help to keep your back in line and prevent painful conditions from developing.  When you’re working at a computer, change your position regularly and take a break away from your desk as often as you can.

2: Feel the Drive to Better Your Health

Long, lonely journeys, frustrating traffic queues and battling through rush hour chaos all come within a day’s work for many of us, but your back doesn’t need to suffer the stresses! Try to sit in a relaxed position while you’re driving as this will reduce the pressure on your spine. Sit as far back in your seat as possible (making sure your feet comfortably reach the pedals, of course!) so it can fully support you.

3: Stay Safe between the Sheets!

Many people sleep on their fronts with their necks twisted to one side. While this may feel comfortable, it actually puts quite a lot of physical stress on the spine.  Lying on your side can ease this pressure and carries far less risk of creating sleep-associated back pain (which is a common condition).

When you wake up in the morning, perform some gentle stretches such as pulling your knees in towards your chest. Your partner may think you’ve gone a little crazy at first but they’ll thank you for it in the end!

Remember that your posture is critically important to your spine health. Making small changes to maintain a good posture is a massive step towards preventing back pain, advises our leading chiropractor in Stoke on Trent.

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From the team at City Chiropractic Clinic. Our Chiropractors in Stoke on Trent are here to help you

Stoke City Chiropractic ClinicTake your first step towards better health and call us on 01782 848 184 today

From the team at City Chiropractic Clinic
Our Chiropractors in Stoke on Trent are here to help you

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