You Don’t Have To Put Up With A Pain In The Neck?

neck pain treated by our stoke chiropractorNeck pain is a very common condition that patients who visit our Stoke chiropractic clinic present with. Some patients will have suffered recurring episodes of neck pain over many years. It is not uncommon for patients suffering neck pain to be experiencing other symptoms such as arm pain or headaches.

There are many different types of neck pain, with different causes. In this post, our Stoke chiropractor will go into more detail of different types of neck pain and some of the most common causes of  neck pain they see at our chiropractic clinic.


After suffering on and off for years with back and neck trouble, I finally got round to doing something about it. I’ve been treated by Dr Burcu for the last 7 weeks or so, and my back has improved dramatically! I used to have pain nearly every day, now it’s maybe once a week, and nowhere as bad as before. From the initial consultation and a very thorough assessment, the steps were clearly explained and each subsequent adjustment left me feeling much better. I still have more treatment to go, but so far I can thoroughly recommend City Chiropractic Clinic and their thorough and friendly approach to all their clients.” John A (5-Star Google Review)


Types Of Neck Pain

As there are many different types of neck pain, diagnosing it can be complicated. However, in most cases, people suffering with neck pain have what is called ‘mechanical’ or ‘simple’ neck pain. In this instance the neck pain is not related to any serious underlying condition.

In the main, lifestyle factors are often the underlying cause of ‘mechanical’ neck pain. Poor posture, tension in the neck or shoulders, sleeping with the wrong type of pillow and poor sitting posture can be contributory factors to this type of neck pain. Addressing the underlying cause can eliminate the strains and stresses being placed on the soft tissue of the neck and resolve the pain.

Wear and tear, as we age, can also contribute to neck pain. The intervertebral discs in the neck can degenerate with age which can lead to stiffness, pain and loss of mobility.

Trauma as a result of a sport injury, fall or bump can also be a cause of neck pain. Another type of neck pain is a whiplash-associated disorder. This is a term covering a collection of symptoms affecting the neck that are triggered by an accident with an acceleration-deceleration mechanism such as a road traffic collision.

Less commonly, neck pain can result from trapped, compressed, or irritated nerves in the neck.  Under these circumstances ‘electric shock’ pain along with other symptoms like pins and needles, tingling, numbness or weakness in the limbs can be experienced.

There are also degenerative diseases and serious illnesses which can cause neck pain.

There are many types of neck pain with different causes. If your neck pain continues for several days, or gets worse, it is recommended that you seek professional advice.

The key to resolving your pain is to identify the root cause of the pain.


I returned to the City Chiropractic Clinic after recent surgery for nerve release in my right arm which on the surface hasn’t seemed to have worked and a bad neck after weeks having to use a sling. After a number of treatments with Dr DuPont the pins and needles in my arm had cleared and I had full use once more whilst flexibility in my neck and back is great. Everything was well explained throughout treatment and all staff friendly and approachable. Can well recommend this practice.” Susan a (5-Star Google Review)

Common Causes Of Neck Pain Our Stoke Chiropractors See

Some of the most common causes of neck pain our Stoke chiropractors see at our chiropractic clinic are as a result of muscle strains. The weight of the head puts a significant amount of strain on the muscles in the neck. This can sometimes cause muscle strains which need attention.

Other factors can also increase the risk of neck muscle strains including:

  • Poor posture
    Increasingly postural issues, resulting in neck pain, brings many patients to our chiropractic clinic. Today’s lifestyles are a contributory factor to this increase. From time spent using mobile phones, sitting at desks in front of a screen, driving, lounging on the sofa watching TV, these types of activities can have an adverse effect on our posture and in turn put a strain on neck muscles. This excess strain is in the main due to the head position being further in front of the body than normal.
  • Poor neck support while sleeping
    Many people develop neck pain while they sleep. Often this is a result of their neck being placed in an awkward position for many hours due to the pillow they are using being incorrectly sized for their sleep position.
  • Repetitive strain injuries
    The likelihood of painful muscle strains can increase if an occupation involves constant twisting of the neck.
  • Sporting injuries
    Neck muscle strains can often be a result of collisions or over exertion when playing sports.
  • Stress
    Chronic stress can often result in muscle tension and soreness in the neck area.

First time at the clinic and i was very pleased with the attention to detail of Dr. Burcu took in, listening and noting my problems before acting on my recovery. The receptionist Jayne was very welcoming and inspires calmness prior to any treatment. i would definitely recommend the clinic. my 2nd appointment is booked and i cant wait.” Butch M (5-Star Google Review)

Visiting City Chiropractic Clinic in Stoke on Trent

If you are currently suffering with neck pain the key to get effective treatment is a diagnosis of the underlying cause of the pain and not simply treating the symptom.

When you visit our chiropractic clinic, your chiropractor will take a detailed history of your condition and perform a thorough examination to try to get to the underlying cause of your neck pain. Chiropractic treatment aims to restore and maximise poor joint function.

Addressing the muscles is essential, aiming to relax those which are too tight and strengthen those which are weak. Our chiropractors use techniques such as massage, mobilisation, manipulation, Activator and taping. You may also be given postural and lifestyle advice, together with exercises to rehabilitate your condition and to help address the underlying cause.

You can book an appointment with one of our experienced team of chiropractors by calling our clinic on 01782 848 184 or you can book your appointment online on our website here.