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Here at City chiropractic, we like to make our patients feel at ease by being on hand to answer any queries they may have. Here our Stoke on Trent chiropractor answers three of the most common questions we’re asked by patients:

Does chiropractic treatment come with any risks?

Chiropractic treatment comes with significantly fewer risks than many other more invasive treatment options. Our chiropractors are always happy to discuss all of your concerns regarding your treatment.

Does chiropractic treatment hurt?

Chiropractic manipulation doesn’t usually cause any pain and most patients actually find the techniques quite relieving. Follow up treatments tend to be the most pleasant as your symptoms improve.

When can I expect to start feeling better?

Quite often patients report increased mobility and a sense of improved well-being immediately after treatment. However, all cases are unique and how quickly you respond to treatment depends on the severity of your condition and how long it has been left untreated. In most cases, the sooner you seek treatment for your condition, the more quickly your body will start to recover.

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