Many people suffer with pain and stiffness in several of their joints and muscles which can be very debilitating and can have a profound effect on their standard of living. Joint dysfunction can have a domino like effect where one joint not working well puts stresses on adjacent joints. Similarly, muscles which are too tight or weak will affect the function of neighbouring muscles and joints. The result is often generalised aches and pains.

Our chiropractors, as with all conditions, take a detailed medical history and perform a thorough physical examination to assess the cause of your multiple aches and pains.

In some cases it may be necessary to refer you to your GP for blood tests or other investigations. In many cases addressing the areas of joint and muscle dysfunction with Chiropractic treatment may reduce the pain and stiffness. Our chiropractors may give you exercise, postural, ergonomic, dietary and general lifestyle advice to help your condition further.

If you would like to know more about how Chiropractic care may help generalised aches and pains please get in touch.