Dr. Mohamad Kammouh

Principal Chiropractor

I joined the team at Newcastle and Stoke in 2017. I previously completed my Masters in Chiropractic in 2014 and worked in a number of clinics in Australia before moving to the UK to settle in Stoke on Trent.  I also taught anatomy to medical students at Sydney and Macquarie Universities and worked as a volunteer fireman for quite a few years.

I discovered chiropractic when I sustained an injury whilst working as a firefighter and as a chiropractor, I have a special interest in neurology, sports injuries and chronic pain management. I also really enjoy treating shoulder problems!

I work both in the Newcastle and Stoke clinic with most of my time as principal chiropractor in the Stoke clinic.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending quality time with my wife and son and exploring the UK. One of my favourite hobbies is scuba diving.


Burcu Cetinkaya


I studied a Masters in Chiropractic in Turkey but first qualified in physiotherapy and worked with patients who suffered from orthopaedic and neurological conditions. My Masters’ thesis focused on neck treatment for office workers who work in front of a screen all day and consequently suffer from neck pain which I am sure a lot of our patients can relate to.

I moved to the UK in September 2020 and really enjoy living in England, learning a new language and culture. I love swimming and running and look forward to exploring the English countryside

Dr Burcu is registered with the GCC and is a member of of the British Chiropractic Association and works in both Stoke and Newcastle clinics.


Chloe Parkes

Sports Massage Therapist

I have always had an interest in the body and how we can self help pain and dysfunction from as early on as being a child, massaging away my mum’s tension headaches.

In my teens, I completed my BTEC level 3 in Health Sciences and also studied Physiotherapy for a short time. Unfortunately this was not my desired path. After the birth of my beautiful daughter, I pursued my career in Sport Massage, training in level 3 and 4, and have since worked in chiropractic clinics over the last 4 years. Aside from sports massage, I also have qualifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Pregnancy Massage which are both lovely treatments to deliver. Currently, I am studying a 5 year Masters in Chiropractic with Mctimoney Chiropractic College.

I am a practical, hands on individual and therefore love the the kind of work I do, especially in helping patients in their functional and wellness journey. This is the owrk that I find extremely rewarding.

Outside of work, I’m all about family, I love spending time and making memories with my loved ones.

I also enjoy fitness, in particular pilates, spinning, HIIT and strength training. Like many, I love holidaying in the sun whenever the opportunity presents.

I’m a big believer in chiropractic and massage therapy as a way of life and enjoy sharing this passion with all our lovely patients long-standing and new to our care.

I joined the Team in 2022 and work both in Newcastle and Stoke.


Jayne Eldershaw

Chiropractic Assistant

I have been working here since July 2021. I love my job here! I moved from formal education and working as an administrator for almost 15 years. I love talking to people and this job is ideal for me as we see patients from all walks of life.


Ann Avramovic

Chiropractic Assistant

I have been working at both Newcastle and City Chiropractic Clinic since 2014.


Ne’ema Bowen

Practice Manager

Ne’ema Bowen is the clinic’s Practice Manager and ensures that both the Newcastle practice and the Stoke practice continue to provide the high standard of care that the clinics are known to provide.


Dr of Chiropractic

The use of “Dr” is a courtesy title and NONE of the Chiropractors listed on this site, unless stated otherwise, have a general medical qualification. All have accredited Chiropractic qualifications and must be registered with the GCC to call themselves a Chiropractor.