Keep Calm and Carry On at Christmastime!

Just like fish and chips or Ant and Dec, Christmastime and stress seem to go hand in hand. But while a plate of crispy chips aren’t quite the same without a chunky piece of cod and each of the Geordie cheeky chappies just doesn’t have the same appeal without their sidekick, Christmastime and stress is a duo that would definitely benefit from separating.

With the kids  on school holidays,  a shopping list longer than Santa’s beard to contend to and plans to see family members you haven’t seen in forever, it’s no wonder that festive plans can make even the most level headed person go stir-crazy.

But stress can contribute to the worsening or development of back pain and a host of other health issues. So is it really worth getting yourself into a festive frenzy?

Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor recommends that you don’t underestimate the level of organisation and planning that you need to do for Christmas. Talk to your family, write lists, get decorations out of storage and take note of extended shopping centre hours. The more prepared you are, the more calm you will feel and the healthier you are likely to stay.

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