Post Easter Health Kicks!

If the Easter Bunny has been generous then you may find yourself feeling sluggish and unmotivated after the holidays have been and gone.

But don’t worry – our team of chiropractors here in Stoke on Trent have three top tips to kick-start your healthy habits after Easter:

1: Chuck Out the Chocolate

In the waste or on the waist – which one would you prefer? Hiding chocolate doesn’t work, so put any leftovers in the bin.

2: Stay off the Scales

Jumping on the scales straight after Easter may leave you a little disappointed, so wait at least a week after getting on track with healthy eating and exercise before weighing.

 3: Eat Regularly

Some people justify their recent chocolate indulgence by skipping meals in the week following Easter. This won’t work! Get back into a good eating routine by eating regular healthy meals.

 And remember – don’t feel guilty about indulging at Easter time – it’s how you return to healthy habits that matter the most!



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