Alleviate Back And Neck Pain While Watching The Rugby World Cup With This Advice From Our Chiropractor In Stoke on Trent

With the Rugby World Cup underway have you ever thought about what all that sitting on the sofa glued to the TV will do for your back? If you find yourself complaining about how uncomfortable the sofa is, it might not be the sofa that’s at fault; posture and pain in the back may be causing your discomfort.

Our chiropractor in Stoke on Trent offers this advice to keep your back and neck safe

When sitting on the sofa relaxing (or not while watching the rugby), think about your back and how you can position yourself to reduce back pain and improve posture. The sofa is one of the places where we like to relax but as the years have progressed, their designs have changed and they are now much less likely to support your back adequately. Sofas are typically very deep with lots of cushions, which means that the back is not correctly supported and your feet are not flat on the ground. What’s more, sitting like this for long periods can cause the spine to collapse due to lack of back support.

You may feel fine when sitting down but as soon as you stand up you may find that you have an achy or painful back but you don’t think that the sofa and the way that you were sitting is the cause of your pain.

When relaxing on the sofa, it may be difficult, but try not to slouch; sit as straight as you can and support your back with a cushion where necessary to retain correct posture.

Family watching tv.You may never have considered it before but damaging your back is much easier than you think. Over time there are a number of movements and activities that we undertake that can cause serious problems for our spine.

One of the main causes of back pain is tension in the muscles which can be caused by sitting for a long period of time. Furthermore, it can also cause disruption to your blood circulation reducing the flow of oxygen to the cells in your back. When sitting on the sofa always try to distribute your weight evenly and avoid slouching.

You don’t need foot rests or specialist chairs to stop your back pain; simple changes in the way that you sit down can make a big difference. Intersperse sitting down with movement as moving regularly is the key to optimum health. Sitting upright can cause the muscles in your back to contract so you need to sitting in an L shape rather than a C shape as this can put pressure on the muscles.

Reclining chairs are great for posture and support for you back. They not only remove the added stress on your spine they allow it to rest while you are watching TV.

If you avoid exercise because you think it will aggravate your back pain further, exercise is proven to help. It builds your core muscles, boosts circulation and improves your well being. What’s more, sitting on the couch for most of the day certainly doesn’t do any favours for your spine.

So if you are going to be spending long days sitting in front of the TV to watch the rugby then following this advice from our experienced chiropractor in Stoke on Trent that will help you reduce your back pain and keep your back supple and healthy.

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