Back Pain? Blame Your Job!

back care advice from our stoke on trent chiropractorStumped as to what is causing your back pain? Maybe your job is to blame! Many occupations place workers at high risk for back injury. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised to discover just how extensive the list is!  We often mention the dangers of spending too much time at a computer, but there are plenty more jobs that can cause back and neck pain.

Read on to see if your career is on the list:

Construction Workers

If you work at a construction site, you probably spend a lot of time repeatedly lifting, bending, carrying, pulling, and tugging. These kinds of repetitive movements can lead to overuse injuries and back pain. You’re also at high risk of falling and suffering a serious spine injury if you climb ladders or work on scaffolds.

 Nursing Home Workers and Nurses

It may not be obvious one, but you could be at risk of suffering from back and shoulder pain if you regularly lift and move patients. Transferring a patient between their bed, bathtub and toilet requires a lot of strenuous lifting and carrying, which can put strain on your back, neck and shoulders.

Warehouse Workers

Working in a warehouse usually comes with a lot of lifting, bending, twisting, carrying, and awkward body positions. Some warehouse jobs even require truck driving or operating industrial vehicles that may cause your whole body to vibrate! Prolonged exposure to this kind of vibration can cause sore muscles and backache, according to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor.

Dentists and Surgeons

If you work in either of these professions, you’ll spend a lot of your time standing, stooping, bending, and awkward body positioning. This kind of work is also very mentally intense, which means your attention may not be on maintaining good posture as you work.

Other “At Risk” Professions

  • Airline crew (pilots, baggage handlers)
  • Assembly line workers
  • Bakers
  • Bus and taxi drivers
  • Cable and telephone line installers
  • Carpenters, electricians and plumbers
  • Carpet installers and cleaners
  • Dry cleaners
  • Emergency medical technicians
  • Farmers
  • Firefighters and police
  • Janitors
  • Mechanics
  • Professional athletes (e.g., golfers, rugby players)

Whatever your career, it’s important to take the steps to ensure that you protect your spine while you work. Your chiropractor will be able to advise you on what you can do at work to keep your back healthy and pain free.

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