Why You Need a Digital Detox

healthy living advice fro our chiropractor in stoke on trentNowadays, the majority of us struggle to imagine a life without modern conveniences. The recent surge in the popularity of Smartphones and such devices means we are more in touch with the world than ever. And we’re already used to being able to know what’s happening at any minute of the day, in any part of the world.

But despite the many benefits of using technology, there are risks too. According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, more and more people are experiencing back and neck pain at a younger age simply because of the amount of time they spend hunched over a Smartphone or a computer. We should all make an effort to add some digital-free time into our lives. (And we don’t mean a half hour break while your devices are charging or while you have a soak in the bath!)

Here are just few ways you will improve your life without your phone or tablet buzzing, beeping or vibrating every few minutes (or seconds!).

You’ll feel more relaxed

Your mind will have more space without being constantly saturated with information or news. (Can you remember what that feels like?) You’ll slow down. You’ll relax.

You’ll be able to make better decisions

Trying to stay updated with texts or social media takes your mind away from the present. Go for a walk with your phone switched off, and take in your surroundings instead of a screen. You’ll be amazed at how you’ll start focusing more on you, rather than what the world and its uncle had for dinner last night!

You’ll engage more with those around you

The irony of living in a globally connected world is that it stops us from being as connected with the immediate people in our lives. If you’re not looking at a screen while having a coffee with your friend, you have to look (and chat) to your friend.

It’s great to be able to stay in touch with anyone at any time, but don’t risk losing touch with the people you already have in your life. There’s a reason someone is actually having a coffee with you and not just “liking” your most recent social media post.

You’ll feel better

The less time you spend cooped away on your Smartphone or tablet, the more time you have to be active and keep fit. Your back health will benefit too! Your spine simply wasn’t designed for sitting around for long periods or being hunched over as you send your 100th text message in an hour.

 Give a digital detox a try! You’ll be surprised at how much you enjoy it…

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