Schools Out! Surviving the Summer Holidays with Back Pain

Most parents worry about how they’re going to keep their children entertained throughout the six week summer holidays. If you suffer from chronic back pain however, you may be wondering how you’re going to do the things that your children want you to do!

While it’s natural to want your kids to see you as “Super Parent”, trying to push past the barriers and take part in activities that cause you pain is likely to leave you feeling burnt out and cause your back condition to worsen. On the other hand, doing the bare minimum and not becoming involved in family activities may cause your mood to decrease.

Our chiropractor in Stoke on Trent recommends balancing periods of activity and rest over the summer holidays by planning your day so that the most important activities are carried out first. Pacing yourself and setting realistic goals about what you’d like to achieve with your children is far better for you (and them) than worsening your pain and ending up being able to do nothing at all!

If it’s possible, try to arrange certain activities with friends/ family members so that they can accompany your children on any of the things that you may not feel comfortable doing. Also remember that chronic back pain is invisible to those who don’t know to look for it, so be open and honest with your children about what you can/ cannot do. There are plenty of low-impact activities – such as crafts, watching movies and cooking – that will enable you and your children to spend fun, quality time together.

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