Stay Cuddly, Cozy and Clear of Pain this Christmas with Tips from our Stoke on Trent Chiropractor

Christmas is almost here and that means lots of (sometimes heavy) lifting as we buy and prepare our gifts for our nearest and dearest. Whether we’re hiding presents from snooping eyes, awkwardly trying to wrap gigantic boxes (always fun!) or assembling that new fifteen-tier dolls house Santa delivered, most of us will be doing some kind of extra lifting at some point or another.

According to our experienced chiropractor in Stoke on Trent, Christmas poses a riskier time for lifting-associated back injuries as we’re usually too busy to think about safety advice. But we should; because lifting in the wrong position can put a great amount of stress on the muscles in the lower back and can result in painful injuries.

Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor shares the following advice on how to keep your back “merry and bright” while lifting this Christmas:

1: Don’t Twist!

Twisting can lead to back and pelvis injuries, so you should always avoid this movement while lifting. Keep your shoulders in line with your hips to avoid twisting and when you change direction, move your hips first so that your shoulders move in unison.

2: Push Your Chest Forward.

Push your chest forward while bending at your hips – not at your lower back. And remember, don’t twist!

3. Hold Things Close to Your Body.

The further you hold an object from your centre of gravity, the more difficult it will seem. While lifting a heavy item, keep it close to your body to reduce the amount of force required to hold it up.

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