How to Avoid “Hangxiety” This Christmas

You wake up after a night of festive boozing. At first, you feel nothing. And then, an overwhelming surge of paranoia flushes over you as you fretfully wonder what you may have done or said, how you did it or who you may have said it to.

Hangxiety (hangover anxiety) is a very real phenomenon with a very real scientific explanation.

Alcohol is a depressant which inhibits the production of serotonin in the brain. When we consume alcohol our nervous systems are slowed down, making us feel less anxious. When alcohol leaves our bodies, however, our nervous systems spring back to life and anxiety can strike with a vengeance.

To avoid suffering hangover anxiety this year, our Stoke on Trent chiropractor recommends sipping on a glass of water between alcoholic drinks this Christmas. And of course, always pace yourself. The more you drink the worse you are likely to feel the next day.

After all, there’s nothing “merry” about hangxiety!

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