Travel Without Pain This Festive Season

Christmas is on its way and that means in among the excitement, gift wrapping and carol singing, there will also be that good old Christmas chaos on the roads.

Driving and back pain often go hand in hand at Christmastime as the traffic queues build up and more and more people are left sitting behind the wheel for longer.

Back problems while driving are commonly caused by not adjusting your seat correctly, pushing your head forward, and stretching too far. According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, it’s absolutely vital to adopt a good driving posture and to have frequent rest breaks to help prevent discomfort and pain.

Before you head off in your car, raise your seat to offer the best view of the road.  If your car doesn’t allow you to do this, raise yourself in the seat by using a cushion or special seating device. Also make sure that your seat is in a position that allows you to easily depress the accelerator and clutch fully.

People often underestimate the importance of adopting a good driving position.

Take these tips on board. After all, back pain isn’t exactly at the top of your Christmas list!

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