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back care advice when travelling from our chiropractor in stoke on trentPacking for a summer holiday can be stressful. We’ve all sat on a plane “Home Alone style” as we remember the “very important” items that we forgot to cram into our suitcases. But… travelling with a bad back means you’re under even more pressure to make sure all your essential things are with you.

As the peak holiday season approaches, our Stoke on Trent chiropractor has compiled the following Holiday Checklist to ensure that your spine health doesn’t get left behind this summer:

1: Ship Ahead.

Instead of lugging your bags around, why not simply mail your luggage to your destination ahead of time and just carry one small bag on board with you?

2: Pack Light.

Whether you suffer from back pain or not, you should always pack light. If you’re the kind of person who packs their entire summer wardrobe for a week in the sun (we all know someone who does!) then use two or three smaller bags rather than one overloaded bag.

3:Use a backpack.

Slinging a bag over one shoulder can be harmful for your back – so use a backpack with two straps. Chiropractors usually recommend that a backpack weighs no more than 15% of your body weight, but this should be less than 10% if you’re suffering from back pain.

4:Keep your kit with you.

If you rely on any special neck pillows, back supports or anything else to help with your back pain, make sure you keep it all in your hand luggage. Be mindful that it is not overly uncommon for luggage to go missing, so always carry all your back care items that you need for your holiday- not just what you require for the flight.

At City Chiropractic, we believe that an appropriate regular chiropractic program (for most types of back complaints) is the most effective way to increase your chances of travelling pain-free. However, if you do use medication, ask your GP to write you a prescription that you can take with you as a back-up in the event that you run out of/misplace your tablets.  Place the prescription in a secure place (such as a coded safety deposit box) as soon as you check into your room.

Also bear in mind that it’s possible to be detained in security for travelling with pills that aren’t kept in separate, clearly labelled containers. Keep any medication in their original prescribed containers. If you no longer have the containers for your existing medication, contact your GP a few weeks before your holiday to ask about getting new bottles and labels.

Our team of chiropractors in Stoke on Trent wish you all happy summer holidays!

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