Could Household Chores be to Blame for Your Back pain?

Many people who visit our Stoke on Trent chiropractors report experiencing back pain as a result of seemingly harmless daily chores.  But our daily routine activities are not to blame; it’s how we do them that determines whether or not we put our spines at risk.

Don’t let yourself get so busy ticking chores off your “to-do” list that you neglect your back health in the process.

Here are two simple ways to avoid picking up a back injury while doing your housework. After all, household chores are a big enough pain without them causing backache on top!


Instead of contorting your body into all sorts of weird shapes to reach those tricky areas, keep your hips and shoulders moving towards your work. If you need to get to a low position, step forward with one foot and bend slightly at the knee (so that your body is in a partial lunge). This can significantly help to reduce strain on the spine.

Washing Up

Instead of stretching to reach the bottom of your sink, open the cupboard doors beneath your sink and place one foot inside. This will help to keep your back straight. The closer you bring your work, the less strain you’ll put on your spine.

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