Ouch! Why Back Pain Strikes Suddenly!

At one time or another, many of us have felt that sudden, sharp pain searing through our spines. And quite often, it strikes without warning; even when we’re doing something has seemingly inconspicuous as bending over to put the bins out!

But what causes these hard hitting aches and pains?

Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor explains that acute low back pain is usually caused by a sudden injury to the muscles and ligaments supporting the back. The sudden pain can be caused by muscle spasms or a strain or tear in the muscles and ligaments. And quite often, something as minor as lifting a heavy object, moving suddenly or sitting in one position for a long time can trigger a painful episode.

Other common causes of sudden low back pain can include  muscle spasms, sciatica and spinal stenosis.

Don’t ignore any type of back pain. It may be common, but that doesn’t mean it’s normal.

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