Back Pain and the Stress Response

It’s widely accepted that emotional or psychological stress can worsen the symptoms of back pain. But can stress cause it?

Absolutely, according to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor.

Back pain as a direct result of stress is known as “psychosomatic” or “psycho-physiological”. These are the terms given to illnesses or conditions that produce physical symptoms as a direct result of psychological or emotional factors. Getting this kind of diagnosis means that psychological factors either initiated back pain or maintain it.

It should be emphasised that even though emotional or psychological factors may be the cause of the physical symptoms, the symptoms themselves are in no way imaginary. A patient experiencing stress-related back pain may be in just as much pain (or even more so) than a patient experiencing back pain from a known physical cause.

Open your mind when it comes to your body. The two are often very closely linked.

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