Christmas Day the Healthy Way

Whilst most of us are all for indulging a little over Christmas, it can be easy to take it too far! You can end up starting the New Year with an extra 10lb of weight for your spine to carry – and that’s a lot of extra strain on your back!

According to our Stoke on Trent chiropractor, staying healthy over Christmas is all about doing everything in moderation. Take your Christmas lunch, for example – do you really need that second serving? Your stomach isn’t designed to hold that much food! You know half an hour later, when you’re just about managing to roll yourself onto the sofa, that you’ll regret forcing down that fifteenth roast potato! Keeping an eye on your portion sizes doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of anything. In fact, you’re likely to enjoy each meal more when you’re belly isn’t full to the brim (and you’ll have more room to squeeze in some delicious puddings too!).

Remember that Christmas Day is just one day, not four weeks! That means that you don’t need to stop your usual healthy eating and workout routine the day you open the advent calendar!

Enjoy Christmas. Enjoy good health!

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