The Daily Things That Are Harming Our Necks

Most of us go about our day to day lives unaware that our seemingly inconspicuous habits may be having a negative effect on our health. Neck pain, for example, is a common ailment that is often caused by the daily actions we carry out.

Here our Stoke on Trent chiropractor highlights three everyday issues that could become a pain in the neck (literally!):

Watching TV

You may think that kicking your legs back on a soft and slouchy sofa is the most relaxing way to watch “the box”, but doing so can be extremely strenuous on your neck and back.

Your Bag

Carrying your bag on one shoulder, or holding a heavy brief case in one hand are two of the most common causes of neck and shoulder pain and are big “no nos” if you want to avoid such injuries. When all the weight of your bag is placed on one side of the body, your muscles and posture can be thrown off balance and can even result in one shoulder sitting higher than the other!

The Way You Sleep

You are more likely to suffer from neck pain if you sleep on your stomach, as your head is likely to be turned on its side all night.

Propping your head up on more than one pillow can also worsen/ cause neck pain as the natural alignment of your spine is put out of whack.

Small changes to small habits can create big differences!

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