What a Flipping Palaver! Could Your Flip-Flops be Harming Your Spine?

If you’re one of the many Brits who reaches for their flip-flops at the first sign of summer, then you may want to think again…your “trusty” favourites could just be about to let you down.

While flip-flops may seem the ideal choice of footwear for the summer months, they actually offer zero support for your feet and ankles, provide minimal cushioning and place you at a higher risk of trips and falls. But that’s not the worst of it…

Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor warns that wearing flip-flops can significantly increase your risk of developing lower back pain as the flimsily-designed shoes cause you to walk differently. As you curl your toes to grip your flip-flops, your stride shortens which puts excessive strain on your feet, hips and lower back muscles.  On top of this, flip-flops cause your feet to contact the ground differently with more pressure being put on your outside leg and less on your heels.  Stiffness and pain in the lumbar spine is often caused from a knock-on effect of this.

Think on your feet this summer – it could just save you from a flipping painful back!

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