Do You Need a Digital Detox?

back care advice from our City Chiropractic Clinicn in Stoke on Trent Is technology taking over your life, and possibly even your health? If you’re like one in three of the British population, it could well be!

According to a recent study by Ofcom*, one in three adult internet users has chosen to take a “digital detox” in an attempt to de-tech their lives.

While completely abstaining from technology may be impractical for many, our Stoke on Trent chiropractor believes that we should all be sensible when it comes to using our digital devices. Implementing simple changes such as making our bedrooms tech-free zones, for example, can lead to improved sleep quality and better posture.

Here are our top tips on ensuring technology doesn’t harm your health:

Be mindful of your posture when using mobile devices. Be careful not to hunch over small screens and always ensure that you change positions regularly.

When using a desktop computer or laptop, make sure your chair provides full support for your back. Your shoulders, hips and knees should all face the same direction. Your seat should also be adjusted so that your feet lay flat on the ground with your knees creating a slope from your hips to your knees.

Keep in mind that your head is heavy! Always sit with your head directly over your body to avoid unnecessary strain on your back and neck.

Avoid sitting in the same position without taking regular breaks. When you do take a break, stretch and walk around.

If you carry a laptop or a tablet, use a rucksack instead of a shoulder bag. Carry the rucksack on two shoulders; making sure you adjust the straps so that the bag sits close to your back. Don’t pack too many items into your bag. Only carry around what’s absolutely necessary.

Test out any new gadgets before you buy them to make sure they’re comfortable for you to use. When you take them home, spend time setting them up and adjusting them to meet your requirements.

Many people tend to forget their posture, hunch their backs and leave their spines unsupported when using digital devices. This often leads to back, neck and shoulder pain. Don’t be another number on a long list of people risking their spine health for technology. Make the changes. Live the benefits.



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