The pain free way to fly this summer

Got a long flight planned for the summer? You can prepare your back for the journey with these top tips from our Stoke on Trent chiropractor:

1: Keep Exercising

Don’t be tempted to ditch your workout routine just because you’re feeling in “holiday mood”. Staying active in the weeks leading up to your holiday is absolutely vital for keeping your back muscles nimble for the flight.

2: Pack Sensibly

Taking your life belongings on your holiday will almost certainly set you up for straining the muscles in your back. And lifting and twisting heavy luggage into an overhead compartment is actually one of the worst things you can do for your spine! So think of your health before you pack your entire wardrobe this year!

3: Get a Doctor’s Letter

If you anticipate that your back condition will affect your plane journey, or you’ve recently had spine surgery, ask your doctor to write a note to the airline. Many airlines make accommodations for medical circumstances, so make sure you inform the company you’re travelling with in plenty of time before your trip.

Stay safe and have fun this summer!

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