Drop the Festive Pounds to Ease Your Back Pain

Overindulged on the mince pies at Christmastime? Picked away at those choccies for a little longer than you should have? You’re not alone! Most of us pile on a couple of extra “holiday” pounds during the festive season, but did you know that being overweight puts you at greater risk of developing back pain, joint pain and muscle strain?

The science of it makes complete sense. Our Stoke on Trent chiropractor explains that every extra pound you carry adds strain to the muscles and ligaments in your back. In other words, the more weight on your body, the more stress on your spine.  To compensate for the extra body weight, your spine can become unevenly tilted and over time, your back can lose support.

So, if you’re planning on shifting a little weight this January, your back health will benefit as well as your figure!

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