Reduce Your Stress Levels For A Healthier You

Do you feel stressed out frequently? If your answer is yes, then our chiropractors recommend that you consider making some changes that can help relieve your stress.

When the body is stressed changes occur in it such as:

  • the release of stress hormones
  • the heart rate increases
  • breathing changes
  • the blood stream is filled with glucose
  • brain activity changes
  • muscles become more tense
  • certain bodily functions get depreciated

If you are in ‘real’ danger then these are appropriate changes, however, putting our bodies under stress for long periods of time can have a negative impact on our health.

Our chiropractors recommend the following to help combat and reduce the effect of stress on your body:

  • sleep well
  • eat healthily
  • practice relaxation techniques and mindfulness
  • spend time with people you love
  • take regular exercise

The Christmas period can be an extremely stressful time – give yourself an early gift of a stress free life and take on board the above.


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