How Your Sleeping Position Can Harm Your Back

back care advice from our stoke on trent chiropractorWe all know just how important sleep is but many of us do not realise that there is a correct way to sleep. While you might climb into bed and pick the most comfortable position for you, you could, in actual fact be causing damage to your back unknowingly. Here one of our  chiropractors at our  chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent – City Chiropractic, outlines how your sleeping position could be harming your back and ways that you can improve your sleeping position.

Some sleeping positions cause back pain

If you have been experiencing back pain upon waking up then there is every chance that you are sleeping in a position that is not good for your back or your spine. A lack of support for the spine can lead to aches and pains and that could mean that you need to take a trip to a chiropractic clinic in Stoke on Trent!

A poor sleep posture can result in a restless sleep but it can also cause strain to muscles as well as shorten or tighten them. This then results in a lack of support for the spine and that then leads to a whole range of problems such as muscle cramping, back and neck pain and much more.

Sleeping positions that are bad for you

Sleeping on your stomach is not the best sleeping position, especially from a musculoskeletal point of view. While it is a great position for those who are looking to stop snoring, it is the position that allows your core, which is the heaviest part of the body to sink into the mattress. As a result of this, your head and limbs remain higher, creating an awkward position. This puts pressure on joints, muscles and organs and your neck is also turned in a position where your upper cervical vertebrae are locked.

Improving sleep and easing back problems

Feeling comfortable in bed will help you to sleep better but you need to also consider the position your sleep in so that your spine is correctly aligned. Therefore, the idea is to move positions as often as you can but this is almost impossible considering that you are more than likely going to be in a deep sleep. So, to overcome this, you should aim to support your back in the correct way throughout the night.

You should think about using pillows to help create the right support for your spine so that it is naturally aligned. This means that you should look to fill any gaps between the mattress and yourself with pillows that can provide the additional support you need.

The best position? On your back

Lying flat on your back is the best position for you to sleep in and that will require the use of a low pillow that provides support and does not push your chin too far into your chest. If you are someone who likes to sleep with a number of pillows then now is the time to get rid of them. If sleeping almost completely flat feels uncomfortable, then you could try to elevate the whole body by using a sloping wedge pillow instead of using a lot of pillows as this can lead to pinched nerves. Adopting this position will ensure that your weight is distributed evenly and leads to reduced strain on pressure points.

What if you sleep on your side?

There are many of us who like to sleep on our side, also known as the foetal position. If you adopt a loose foetal position on your left-hand side then it can help to enhance circulation and is good for those who are pregnant. A loose foetal position can help to elongate the spine and that can help to reduce the chance of back and neck pain.

So, the way in which you sleep can have an impact on your back and any pain that you experience. If you find yourself suffering from pain after sleeping then it is always worth speaking to a chiropractor for expert advice and guidance.

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