Back To School Advice from Our Chiropactor

After a long hot summer, the school holidays are nearly at an end and most parents and children will be turning their attention to going back to school.

Our chiropractor at City Chiropractic Clinic in Stoke wants to remind all parents of the importance of keeping their children’s back safe during term time. Our chiropractor is keen to share advice in two important areas:

  • Backpacks and
  • Posture


For most children these days backpacks are the bag of choice for carrying all their books and items to and from school. They can be a great option if they are carried and adjusted properly. Unfortunately many children sling the bag over one shoulder and also carry way to much weight in the rucksack. Both of these can be detrimental to their back health and can lead to back pain.

To minimise the risk to your child’s back make sure they are carrying the backpack over both shoulders and that the straps are adjusted to hold the weigh in the backpack as close to their body as possible. It’s important to check the content of the rucksack from time to time and remove unnecessary items that your child doesn’t need to carry all the time.


Maintaining a good posture is important for the health of our spines. You may already be reminding (nagging!) your child to stand up straight, sit up straight and to stop slouching. If all your reminding is falling on deaf ears then a simple 3 minute programme that the British Chiropractic Association has developed may help. You can view the video below – you may even want to give it a go yourself!

Our team at City Chiropractic in Stoke wish all your children the best at the start of the new school term.


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