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back care advice from a chiropractor stoke on trent The summer sporting season is just around the corner and this year the sporting calendar is jammed pack! We have Euro 2016 kicking off soon, Wimbledon just around the corner and the Rio Olympics to look forward to, to name but a few.

While our heroes work up a sweat during their games, many of us will be “working” up record time on the sofa (or a pub chair!) watching them.

With plenty of sport set to hit our screens over the next month or so, some of us will be at more risk than ever of becoming “couch potatoes” and spending even more time sitting than usual.

This is not good news for our backs.

Back pain statistics are alarming. According to the BCA, 35% of people noticed that their back pain was triggered by sitting for long periods of time. This is not that surprising as sitting incorrectly puts almost twice as much pressure on the back than when standing.

Sports fans also risk damaging their spines by involuntary “celebrations” as they jump up and down to praise a goal or berate a referee. According to our experienced chiropractor, the sudden change from a fixed posture to jumping on your feet could cause damage to the back.

Who would have thought that sitting down to watch some sport could be so hazardous to our health!

So apart from joining in with the athletes on the screen, what can you do to protect your back and enjoy watching your favourite sports this summer?

Here’s some simple advice that our chiropractor in Stoke on Trent recommends you follow and can make all the difference to your back health:

1: Remember to change position every 20 minutes; your spine will really feel the benefits of standing up and moving around.

2: Keep active during any breaks in the match/game you’re watching. Most sports will include an interval that will give you plenty of time to do some light exercise (without missing anything!).

3: Don’t slouch – even if it does feel more comfortable. Sit right back into your seat so that your back rests against the back of the chair/sofa.

4:  Drink as much as possible (we mean water, not alcohol!). Staying hydrated will help to prevent/reduce muscle inflammation which is a major cause of back pain. If you do enjoy a social tipple while you’re watching sports, make sure you drink plenty of water in between alcoholic drinks.

Remember that good health is the most important goal of all!

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