Schools Back. It’s Time to Focus on You!

back care advice from our stoke on trent chiropractorNow that the kids are finally back at school and your usual routine (and sanity levels!) can resume, your life can include some all-important “me time” again. For the past six weeks, your days have probably revolved around trying to keep the children entertained as well as  attempting to manage the avalanche of extra washing, cooking, cleaning and ironing. Now it’s time to rejuvenate.

Your back is one of the most common places to “carry” stress and tension and is also one of areas of the body that is most susceptible to muscle strain. If you’ve “overdone it” over the school holidays, the probability is that your back could do with some TLC.

Here our Stoke on Trent chiropractor provides some effective tips on getting your back in tip-top shape ready for Autumn. Give them a try… you deserve it!

1: Make sure you always bend at your knees and hips, not your back. The odds are you weren’t doing this during the school summer break!

2:  Instead of packing your life’s belongings into a shoulder bag, invest in a good quality rucksack with two wide, padded straps. If you do use a shoulder bag, alternate the sides on which you wear it to distribute the load evenly across your back. And remember, the less weight you carry, the less strain on your spine! Unpack anything that is not absolutely necessary to keep on you – you’ll be surprised at how much unneeded clutter your bag accumulates!

3: Make good posture part of your lifestyle. Avoid slumping, hunching or slouching, both when you are standing and sitting.

4:Take short breaks from sitting every 30 minutes. Regular instances of prolonged sitting can not only cause back problems, but is linked to heart disease, diabetes and even cancer! Sit less. Move more.

5: Stub out your smoking habit! Smoking can reduce the blood supply to the discs between the vertebrae, which can lead to these discs degenerating prematurely.

6:  Check that your mattress provides the correct support for your weight and build and invest in a new one if necessary. Many people are literally sleeping on a future back problem. Don’t let that be you!

7: Start exercising regularly. Swimming, walking and cycling are all effective ways to strengthen your back muscles – and you’ll improve your overall health and fitness in the process!

Look after your spine and your spine will always “have your back”.

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